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Coca-Cola x Euro 2016by Slidor

A convention at the Stade de France for the launch of Euro 2016, of which the group is an official sponsor. High-end presentations broadcast on a giant screen mixing visuals and vectorial work for a spectacular rendering.

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Present the Coca-Cola system deployed during Euro 2016 on PowerPoint

3 Directors succeeded one another on stage to bring to life for the audience the marketing system adopted by Coca-Cola for Euro 2016.

The presentations, entirely made on PowerPoint, take advantage of animation to elegantly mix image and vector. From visuals to packshots, created and animated on the tool, give concrete expression to the speech and make future marketing operations tangible.

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9 presentations for an immersive experience

For each of the 3 speakers from the Marketing Department, we created 3 presentations, taking advantage of the space configuration at the Stade de France. A main presentation, a presentation broadcast on the 14 LED screens, and a presentation alternating visuals and live video streaming. All of these presentations were coordinated with the control rooms on site for maximum immersion.

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Accompanying our customers and growing alongside them

We produce for Coca-Cola an increasing number of presentations for topics such as Marketing Management speaking engagements, training PowerPoint for business effectiveness seminars, or synthetic PowerPoint videos for the Coca-Cola World Board.

Fully editable

100% PowerPoint made

Completed in 3 weeks

Join the hundreds of companies transforming their presentations with us