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Presentation at TechCrunch Disrupt London 2015

The French startup presented its new product at TechCrunch Disrupt, the European technology conference in London.

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Presenting the future of the internet of things with PowerPoint

A high-stakes PowerPoint presentation for this startup, as they pitched their product in front of entrepreneurs, investors and startups from all over Europe.

This was an impressive challenge and we used all of our PowerPoint expertise to interpret the innovative user experience of their Smart Remote. Techcrunch.com reported that this presentation was highly visual.

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slide sevenhugs
slide sevenhugs
slide sevenhugs
slide sevenhugs

Interpreting user experience with PowerPoint

An ambitious PowerPoint presentation perfectly recreating user experience in a connected environment. For SevenHugs, who came to present the Smart Remote, the first contextual and intuitive remote control to service millions of connected homes, there was no better way to present their product to an internationally renowned conference.

Detecting a problem and illustrating it in order to provide an innovative solution

Presenting a new product means identifying and fulfilling an existing need. We started with existing apps, showing a product that addresses the same need in a completely different way, with an enhanced, intuitive, and optimized user experience: basically a game changer. Each step was analyzed and animated in turn on PowerPoint before providing the French startup's final solution: an intelligent, universal remote that controls all connected devices in your house.

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Promoting the simplcity of the design and highlighting it within the presentation

A presentation reflecting the product presented, with a simple and clean design. We made the Smart Remote and its technology the focal point of our choice of graphics in this presentation. A design centered around the product, following the example of Apple’s famous keynotes, but with an even stronger impact.

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